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Top 5 Reasons Why Airdrie Is The New Place To BE

May 4, 2022

Located a thirty-minute drive north from downtown Calgary and a short 15 minutes from the international airport, you will find the town of Airdrie. Originating as a stopping point for steam trains in 1889 during the construction of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway, Airdrie quickly grew to include farms, a post office, and a village store and by 1909 became an incorporated village. Fast forward to present day where you will find that over 70,000 residents now call this family friendly community home. Is Airdrie better than Calgary? Why is Airdrie such a good place to live? These questions will be answered as we examine the top five reasons to start a new life in Airdrie.

  • An Affordable Lifestyle

Why is Airdrie a good place to live? Life in Airdrie is made even better by its property values which are less than that of Calgary but are significantly cheaper than some of Canada’s larger cities. Apartment rentals are consistently 8 per cent less than Calgary and housing prices follow a similar pattern.

  1. Airdrie is a young vibrant community

Over 78 per cent of residents are under the age of 50 and the median age is 32.4 years old compared to 36.4 in Calgary and 40.2 for Canada as a whole. These numbers essentially indicate that if you are looking to raise a family, this might be your spot. The schools and services are plentiful for preschoolers and children, with numerous sports leagues and programs designed specifically for a younger demographic. Family activities in Airdrie are the norm and many would say it is the reason Airdrie is better than Calgary.

  1. Proximity to Parks and Family Activities and Airdrie

Airdrie’s young residents are eager to experience the great outdoors and the town has heeded the call and provided numerous parks, ponds, and splash pads all within easy drive or walk of the city’s many unique neighbourhoods. Nose Creek Regional Park is a twenty acre natural area in the centre of town with stocked ponds, fire pits, nature trails, as well as many other programs and activities. There are a number of off leash parks for those who have a dog as part of the family.

  1. Proximity to Calgary

There is some debate as to whether Airdrie is better than Calgary but maybe there doesn’t need to be a competition. Calgary is a great city with big city amenities that has its appeal but any and every thing that makes Calgary great can be easily accessed by driving a short distance south. The small town feel and close knit neighbourhoods of Airdrie are waiting to welcome you back from your night out in the city or your return from abroad via the international airport.

  1. Tax-Free Living

The province of Alberta in which Airdrie is located does not charge a provincial sales tax. There are no health premium taxes or payroll tax so in terms of tax savings, a new life in Airdrie may be the logical choice.

Whether it’s the family friendly nature of Airdrie or its proximity to a vibrant city and the great outdoors, there is no question when searching for a place to call home, Airdrie might be worth a spot on the short list. Life in Airdrie may just remind you of the way you grew up, surrounded by young families all working together to create the ideal place for their children to grow up.