Sustainable Development

We make sustainable choices in our homes and neighbourhoods

At Vesta, we strive to make our homes and neighbourhoods sustainable for future generations. We continually look for ways to minimize our environmental impact and make responsible choices. We focus on three areas of sustainable development: green initiatives, efficient building practices and thoughtful neighbourhood planning.


Beautiful, healthy living begins with a heartfelt appreciation of our surrounding environment. That’s why our carefully designed master planned neighbourhoods feature a broad range of green initiatives, from thoughtful landscaping to innovative water conservation systems. Here are a few examples of green initiatives we have implemented in our neighbourhoods:

  • Focus on maximizing green space to protect natural habitats
  • Use of indigenous and water wise plants, shrubs and trees to conserve water
  • Efficient design of roads and sidewalks to improve water absorption
  • Inclusion of greenway trails that are walking distance from home


Mindful building practices and integrated development help to ensure that our homes minimize our environmental footprint. We always build our homes with energy efficient products. We also strive to reduce, recycle and reuse wherever possible. Some examples:

  • Our “dig once” building practice reduces waste accumulation and air pollution from truck traffic
  • Energy Star appliances, Low-E windows and R20 wall insulation reduce energy consumption
  • Low flow showerheads, toilets and faucets conserve water
  • Use of recycled building materials avoids adding to our landfills


We believe that sustainable development also includes planning, designing and building neighbourhoods with built-in amenities that encourage community living. By staying close to home, residents significantly reduce the need to travel – helping positively impact their lifestyle and environment. Many of our neighbourhoods feature:

  • On-site amenities such as community centres, parks, playgrounds and other facilities
  • Greenway trails for walking, running and biking
  • Close proximity to schools, shopping, recreation and transportation

Visit our Neighbourhoods Now Selling page to learn more about the specific sustainability features in each Vesta neighbourhood and to find the perfect home for you.