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Home News 2022 is the perfect time to invest in Airdrie – Here’s Why!

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2022 is the perfect time to invest in Airdrie – Here’s Why!

February 25, 2022

Considered a market to watch in 2022, Airdrie, located north of Calgary, looks to be on the edge of another red-hot year in the real estate market.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is it a good time to buy a house in Airdrie or Calgary in 2022?” We’re here to tell you that just about any time is a good time to invest in this up-and-coming prairie city but sooner than later is better. In fact, real estate analysts in Calgary say supply simply cannot keep up with demand in Airdrie.

December 2021 sales hit record levels in Airdrie and, despite further reduction in new listings, real estate analysts expect the trend to continue throughout 2022.

The steady sales have reduced inventory levels to drop to a mere 82 units — the lowest they’ve been since 2005. Worries over inflation and increasing lending rates likely created more urgency with buyers over the past few months, but supply has simply not kept pace with the demand in Airdrie. This has resulted in strong price growth. Over the last two calendar years, Airdrie has widely benefited from an inflow of out-of-province and first-time buyers.

Are you still wondering, “is it a good time to buy a house in Airdrie or Calgary?” Let’s have a look at some Airdrie Real Estate Market Update highlights and what homebuyers can expect in 2022:

  • Airdrie marked a record 2,299 sales in 2021—78 percent higher than activity recorded over the last decade and 36 percent higher than the previous record set in 2014.
  • As of February, there are 131 real estate listings in Airdrie, with an average price of $678,778.69.
  • The highest price for a home sold in Airdrie was $9,000,000.00.

Calgary real estate analysts believe Airdrie’s vigorous growth in housing demand is related to the affordability of detached homes in the city, compared to Calgary. They also suspect there is less concern among homebuyers over commute times, as many companies shift toward hybrid work options.

About Airdrie—Where farm fresh living meets the future

Filled with a mix of rural experiences, innovative technologies, urban designs, and family events, Airdrie is a dynamic city with a prosperous future. It’s where promising economic opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs meet everyday amenities for every walk of life. With a population of 70,594, Airdrie offers a variety of excellent dining establishments and outstanding attractions for all ages. Airdrie’s charming selection of attached homes, single-family homes, detached homes and townhomes are located 10 minutes north of Calgary and a quick commute to many provincial attractions.

Should I buy a house right now or wait?

Are you wondering, when is the best time to buy a house in this economy? Is right now a good time to buy a home in Airdrie or Calgary? Will the housing market in 2022 in Calgary be a good investment? All indicators are saying yes. Buy now.

Analysts expect Airdrie housing market trends—particularly high demand and low supply—to push into 2022 and continue to drive prices upward for the rest of the year.

The 2022 Canadian Real Estate Forecast by PwC suggests that stable demand for real estate in the Airdrie housing market will remain throughout 2022 while the RE/MAX Canada 2022 Housing Market Outlook expects average prices to rise by 2.5 percent this year. Given the expected price hike and interest rates rumored to go up in the spring of 2022, now is the perfect time for eager buyers to start the search for their dream home in Airdrie.

Do you still have questions? We understand if you’re still wondering when the best time is to buy a house in this economy. Vesta Properties is ready to answer your questions about the Airdrie housing market to help you find a home in this flourishing city. Contact us today.