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Moving to Alberta looks tempting amidst rising living costs

September 22, 2022

“Alberta is experiencing a period of amazing economic growth,” said Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Premiere while promoting the new “Alberta is Calling” campaign to attract Canadians living in Vancouver and Toronto. The campaign reflects on Alberta’s affordability in lower housing costs, lifestyle, and careers because of the economic boost.

“We have seen unprecedented growth in tech, energy, film and television, finance, aviation and transportation and of course, oil and gas” says Kenney.

With big tech firms and more companies moving to Alberta, new careers prospects and job openings have helped attract the young workforce to the province.

“The cost of living now is just ridiculous,” Kenney said as part of the Alberta is Calling Campaign advertising directly to Vancouver and Toronto residents. “It has gotten out of control, we think for people who cannot afford a home and young worker that can barely afford rent, the comparison to Alberta is powerful.”

The commutes are short, and the wages are higher. Did you know that Alberta has the highest median after-tax income in Canada and the highest household disposable income? Combining that with $0 provincial sales tax and $0 provincial fuel tax, Alberta presents a very tempting opportunity for first-time homeowners and real estate investors.

The low vacancy rates for the rental housing units and some of the lowest home prices across Canada, paint a lucrative picture for investors looking for some ROI on their investment properties. Read more on why residential real estate properties in Alberta represent significant investment opportunity.

If you’re interested in investing in the Alberta real estate market explore some of our most affordable and easy to maintain home options.