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Home News What Investing in a Townhome in SE Calgary Can Mean For Your Future.


What Investing in a Townhome in SE Calgary Can Mean For Your Future.

March 18, 2022

From one side of Canada to the other, the real estate market has seen explosive growth with double digit price increases over the last two years.

Many first-time buyers are feeling the frustration of losing property after property to blind bidding wars, or inflationary pressures are pricing them completely out of the market. Despite the challenges of today’s real estate market, there have been some savvy investors who have zeroed in on secondary markets, in secondary cities, and have looked towards investing in townhomes instead of single-family homes.

This simple strategy has investors and potential homeowners accessing the property market much sooner and securing a home for their family or increasing their real estate investment portfolios. Whether as a home or an investment, buying a townhome in SE Calgary could set you on the path to a financially sound future.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, Toronto and Vancouver have seen the average price of a home exceed the million-dollar mark. These cities draw the greatest number of new Canadians and young people, moving for the vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity, and job opportunities. Even Ottawa and Montreal have seen the average prices of homes creep up to three quarters of a million dollars. These prices, combined with a scarcity of inventory, are keeping potential homeowners and real estate investors off the property ladder. Eyes are turning towards Calgary, where a diverse city burgeoning with opportunity has housing prices that can be 50 percent less expensive than Canada’s primary markets. Those deciding in favour of a Calgary real estate investment will see themselves in the home of their dreams years sooner than they had hoped. Townhomes in this neighbourhood are a superb investment, as you will see.

Having found a secondary market with all the opportunities of some of the larger centres, we can apply the same strategy to Investing in Calgary as we did to the entire country. Many of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods housing prices are in the 600k – 700k range but certain areas of the city are significantly less expensive. SE Calgary has several neighborhoods that provide a safe, family friendly environment with excellent prospects for increasing value. Residents of the up-and-coming Copperfield area of SE Calgary have witnessed explosive growth in young families investing in townhomes for a fraction of home ownership costs elsewhere.

The best house in the best neighbourhood is the dream that keeps us scrolling through listing after listing, looking for that overlooked diamond in the rough that never seems to materialize.


Others with a more pragmatic approach have assessed the situation and have realized that a single-family home in the centre of the largest city may be out of reach for more and more Canadians. Those who are investing in townhomes in these smaller markets, in these up-and-coming neighborhoods have gained a valuable foothold in the real estate game. While many others wait and continue to save for the perfect property in the perfect place, they may see their hopes of home ownership float out of reach while those who have made an investment in a townhome in SE Calgary are already enjoying capital appreciation and soundly sleeping within the comfort of their own home.