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5 Reasons Investing in Calgary Real Estate is an Excellent Idea

February 25, 2022

Canada’s real estate sector has been on fire throughout the entire coronavirus pandemic. All sectors of the market have seen unprecedented growth from B.C. to the Maritimes with record setting home valuations and sales activity.

Even as the pandemic winds down and we see a return to normal, the Canadian Real Estate Association has just released January numbers, which show a 21 percent increase on average house prices since January 2021.

Heading into 2022, where can an astute investor get the best value for their real estate dollar? Investment in Calgary is a wise choice.

5 reasons to make an investment Calgary

  1. Investing in Calgary real estate is hot right now

The Calgary Real Estate Board is reporting inventory levels at lows not seen since 2006. This lack of inventory shows serious investment in Calgary in 2021. Alberta had a net migration of 4,500 citizens, many of them choosing to move from Canada’s busier hubs to more affordable smaller cities and suburbs. The increase in remote working has also contributed to a redistribution of the population from city centers to leafier neighbourhoods a little further out. Calgary also attracts many new Canadians who are drawn to opportunities in the energy and tech industries, making Calgary one of the most diverse cities in Canada. New Canadians, retirees, young skilled workers, and remote workers are all flocking to Calgary. Those who are presently investing in Calgary real estate have every reason to be optimistic.

  1. An investment in Calgary is an investment in your health and well-being

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains with easy access to Banff and Jasper which are both world class skiing destinations, Calgary is an outdoor paradise with over 20,000 acres of parkland with over 800 kilometers of trails and pathways making it the most extensive network of urban pathways in North America. Calgary has hosted the Olympics and its Olympic park has become a training facility for professionals and amateurs alike and will likely see a return to use in some upcoming Winter Olympics. Forbes magazine has declared Calgary the cleanest city in the world with fresh air and water in an abundance. This city should see year over year growth as the new normal shifts our emphasis from strictly dollars and cents to incorporate a work life balance that places a priority on sound ecological practices and a new appreciation for the outdoors.

  1. Alberta has no provincial sales tax

If cost of living is a concern for you, then you will find the 5 percent federal sales tax a welcome reprieve from the 15 percent harmonized taxes charged in other provinces. In its simplest terms, residents receive up to 10 percent off on almost all your expenses just for living in Alberta.

  1. Copperfield Townhomes located in Southeast of Calgary are gaining in popularity.

The dream of home ownership usually includes a single family home with the picket fence, but as costs for new construction and the unprecedented increase in the average house prices across Canada, this dream is becoming more difficult for many to afford. This new reality is seeing a boom in the demand for townhomes. The average home for sale in Calgary is $670,000, but Copperfield Townhomes can start comparatively low. Downsizing retirees, first-time buyers, and newcomers can all access this first step on the home buyers ladder. Copperfield townhomes, as are less costly to purchase, maintain, and rent out. They are also an easy way to start investing in Calgary real estate.

  1. Homes for sale in Copperfield, Calgary are close to all the action

Copperfield, Calgary, has come to the attention of investors and individuals who have found this charming suburb a perfect place to raise their families or to retire. Copperfield has a population of over 7,200 residents who enjoy the easy access to shopping and restaurants, the great outdoors and major attractions. Homes for sale in Copperfield, Calgary are highly sought after and don’t stay on the market long. Anyone looking for great value in an up-and-coming area would be wise to put Copperfield townhomes on their list.

With over 32 years of real estate industry experience, Vesta Properties is committed to making choices that add value to our homeowner’s everyday lives. That’s how we have built over 5,000 homes in award-winning neighbourhoods and brought the first concrete high-rise Towers in Langley BC. Are you interested in investing in Calgary real estate or viewing our Copperfield townhomes? Call us today.