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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss the Calgary Stampede

July 8, 2022

Calgary Stampede is the most awaited event of the year and rightly so for being the greatest outdoor show on earth. The ten-day event falls in July and is the greatest and biggest fair that features a mix of agricultural exhibition and Texas rodeo vibe. Visitors can enjoy parades, concerts, evening shows, chuckwagon racing, competitions, live music, and food. No wonder it is a sensation!

Apart from being the most exciting and happening show, there are more reasons this year why shouldn’t miss the 2022 Calgary Stampede.

  1. The Rodeo

As one of the world’s largest Rodeo’s, Calgary Stampede rodeo features some of the most talented Braveheart cowboys doing the real cowboy stunts. It is one thing to watch these stunts on TV but a totally enthralling and thrilling experience to watch a 2000-pound animal duel with real cowboys and sends them flying in the air and yet somehow these amazingly talented athletes magically land on their feet. The motivation of course, is an attractive winning prize amount at the end of it all but it totally makes it worth your money.

Credits: Pexels

  1. The Parade

Every year Calgary Stampede is ceremoniously opened with a parade through the city and features some of the big names as the marshals. In previous years, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby and more have graced the parades as marshals. This year’s big appearance will be made by none other than Kevin Costner leading the 2022 Calgary Stampede Parade as the marshal. Another biggie to not miss this year’s Stampede.

  1. Chuckwagon Racing

Calgary Stampede is the home of Chuckwagon Racing and undoubtedly features the best experience. The ten-day event showcases nightly chuckwagon racing that features more than a hundred elite horses from across the world that compete in the event. Businesses and Companies sponsor the wagons that participate in the race adding a little bit more zing in the competition. You can catch a show every night at 7:45 pm during the stampede.

  1. Grandstand Show

As soon as the Chuckwagon race gets its winner of the night, the Grandstand show begins the celebration for the all the events throughout the day with heart thumping songs and dance performances. Many performers participate from all over the world and showcase their talents featuring acrobats, fire dancers and more. The Grandstand show is an elaborate event complete with fireworks that light up the sky and are nothing less than a spectacle!

  1. Amazing Food- Free pancakes breakfast

There is no event ever complete without food! We all know that which is why you can expect delicious variety of food! Something better than food is FREE FOOD! Yes, head over to the Stampede event early in the day and get yourself a hearty breakfast of pancakes served by local businesses and charities as a part of an old ongoing tradition first started by a camper who started serving pancakes at the stampede to whoever came by.

  1. Concerts

Apart from the Grandstand show attractions, Calgary Stampede becomes a makeshift music festival at the coca cola stage where artists and bans come to perform live music to an audience of hundreds. The vibe and the atmosphere are like that of a big outdoor party. Also, there are beer stands if you need a little booster to enjoy the music even more or lift your partner up on your shoulders.

  1. Games and Rides at Midway

Calgary stampede is not all just about the young and the wild but it’s also a family fun event! If you’re going with your kids, they are sure to have a blast at the games and fun rides at midway. Coupons or tickets can be purchased inside the stampede park from the kiosks throughout the main midway and FUNtier midway.

There are only seven reasons in this blog but don’t be mistaken by that because there is way more to experience, enjoy and look forward to at the Calgary Stampede. There are so many fun events like the Dog Bowl, Elbow River Camp, Motocross, art shows, agricultural exhibitions, showbands, show riders, food trucks and Live entertainment.

It is absolutely worth attending the event that is known as the “Greatest Show on Earth”, wouldn’t you say? Yee-haw!!