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Home News Trending: House Plans with Large Kitchens in Airdrie

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Trending: House Plans with Large Kitchens in Airdrie

April 17, 2023

Kitchens are the heart of any home. Gone are the days where their sole purpose was to store and prepare food. Modern kitchens are the hub of the home’s daily activities. They have become the fundamental place where family and friends gather to eat, work, and socialize. It only makes sense then that today’s real estate developments should include house plans with large kitchens that provide enough space for multi-functional use.

What Size Kitchen is Considered Large?

A kitchen is considered large when it is big enough to provide the space and layout to function in different ways. Depending on the house size, large kitchens range in size between 175 to 750 square feet. The size of the kitchen will depend on the total square-footage of the home. For example, 750 square foot kitchens are typically found in homes that are at least 4,800 square feet.

Because kitchens are part of other rooms, their design must focus on function and space. Kitchens in today’s home construction are built to blend naturally into other areas of the home creating a natural transition to other rooms such as the dining and living areas, mud room and outside patios.

Other trends in Airdrie house plans with large kitchens include:

Large Windows

As more and more home buyers focus on eco-friendly home design solutions, incorporating more natural light throughout the room by adding large windows in the kitchen area is an essential part of today’s kitchen design.

L-Shaped Kitchens

Because kitchens are no longer separate rooms, the layout design has evolved from a U-shape to an L-shape. This new configuration of cabinets is easily adaptable to any space and gives the homeowner plenty of storage and counter space to work in.

L-shaped kitchens make great use of the space by incorporating the cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and pantry along one area of the room so the rest of the kitchen flows naturally and openly into the rest of the floor plan.

Galley Kitchens

Another popular design for house plans with large kitchens is the galley kitchen. If you are designing a home with a lot of square footage, the galley kitchen creates a beautiful, functional, and spacious kitchen that allows you to prepare food while socializing with others.

Galley kitchens are great for those who love to cook because more than one person can work in the kitchen area at a time without getting in each other’s way. It’s also a great way to utilize a longer space and creating kitchens that can have larger appliances and multiple appliances and fixtures.



Kitchen Islands

One of the best kitchen layout ideas has and continues to be incorporating an island in the large kitchen’s design plan. Islands come in a variety of sizes and designs. These multifunctional spaces are perfect for adding extra counter space and storage while creating a natural break between the kitchen and other rooms without closing the rooms off from one another.

Large islands are also used as additional sitting and eating areas, so they are great additions to home designs for homeowners that want to spend time together while preparing food. Children and adults can eat, do homework, or work and socialize while preparing meals.

Bold Colours

Adding colour to your kitchen continues to be a popular trend that isn’t going anywhere. Because there is more natural lighting in today’s large kitchens designs, the need for light coloured cabinets, walls and counters isn’t necessary. Homeowners can use colour in their kitchens to naturally incorporate and blend the room with the rest of their home furnishings and fixtures.

Bold blues, greens and greys are popular hues for today’s kitchen cabinets and counters. Adding bar stools and fixtures that compliment the bold colours creates a spectacular room that your guests will envy.

Today’s best kitchen layout ideas in Airdrie incorporate function and style so kitchen’s can be used for cooking and gathering. Adding bold colours and ecofriendly designs that blend with the rest of the floor’s colour palate and furnishings creates a beautiful and natural flow from one room to the next.