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Latimer Village

Transit-Oriented Development at Latimer Village

September 9, 2020


Transit-Oriented Development is a well-known and exciting topic for those working within urban development, but what does it mean for someone looking to buy a new home in Langley?

Transit-Oriented Development is a concept in urban planning that ensures the greatest number of homes in a community are within walking distance of public transportation and have easy access great amenities such as parks for recreation, and commercial or retail spaces for shopping and services.

Living within walking distance to transportation and community amenities reduces your need to rely on a vehicle to for day-to-day activities. Less personal vehicle use is great for environmental conservation, reduces personal expenses for vehicle upkeep and gas costs, and generally can also lend to a healthier lifestyle with the opportunity to walk or bike more frequently.

Latimer Village in Langley by Vesta Properties is a community build around Transit-Oriented Development principles. It’s an exciting opportunity for anyone looking for a new home in Langley. Latimer Village presents an opportunity to live somewhere that is walkable, bikeable, and easily accessible from major transit hubs.

To create Transit-Oriented Development communities, urban planners employ multiple strategies: ensure proximity to transit, design high-density communities, and create mixed-use developments. All of these elements can be found within Latimer Village in Langley.

  • Proximity to transit is the core consideration when building a Transit-Oriented Development. Latimer Village is located less than five minutes away from the Carvolth Exchange Park’n’Ride. With easy access to bus and Skytrain connections, you can get from your home to work, run errands, or meet with family and friends outside Langley with ease.
  • High-density is used to describe an urban area where there are many people living. This includes condo buildings, which are at the heart of Latimer Village. With a variety of options, including one, two- and three-bedroom condos, Latimer Village has some of the most luxurious and versatile condos available in Langley. High-density areas are desirable because it allows for more services and infrastructure to be built in the area for everyone’s benefit, and with more neighbours, high-density areas are typically livelier and safer.
  • Mixed-use developments are buildings that combine more than one use of space, such as residential homes and retail shops within the same building. Mixed-use buildings make it easier for people to access day-to-day goods and services and contribute to a lively community with an active streetscape. Latimer Village features multiple mixed-used buildings with retail space on the ground floor and condos located above, with condos now selling, these homes are fantastic opportunity to join a livable, walkable, energetic community.

Vesta Properties has more than 30 years of industry experience and has successfully built more than 4,500 homes in award-winning neighbourhoods throughout Alberta and BC. To view new condos in Langley for sale at Latimer Village, be sure to connect with the sales team at Latimer Village today or visit their Discovery Centre and Condo Showhome at 8242 200 Street, Langley. The Discovery Centre is open and adhering to heightened safety protocols to protect the health of staff and customers.