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Home News Buying a brand-new home in Langley

Latimer Village

Buying a brand-new home in Langley

October 6, 2020

It goes without saying that are a lot of incentives that come with buying a brand-new home or condo in Langley: no one’s lived there, no deficiencies, getting to make your own mark in a brand-new community.

Here are the other benefits to buying a new construction home at Latimer Village in Langley:

Customization options: When you opt to go brand-new, you’re not inheriting the garish colour choices of owners of the past. You can select everything catered to your tastes right down to every detail. From baseboard sizing to countertops, no detail is overlooked or too small for your own personal tastes.

Renovations, who?: When buying a resale, particularly in the current real estate market, we are often left paying high prices on homes we love in great locations but they sometimes require a costly renovation budget to get them to the point we need them. From time to time, resale homes require renovations to things like windows, furnaces or wiring–with a new construction properly, these aren’t things you need to think about for a long time.

Less maintenance: It goes without saying that there’s a lot of incentives to buying a condo. You won’t have to think about cutting the grass, shoveling snow or doing any extensive yard work. Buying a new condo means that the building will require less maintenance to maintain too thanks to a newer HVAC systems, plumbing infrastructure and general upkeep.

More money in your pocket: Believe it or not, buying a new condo or home means that your home has been designed to be environmentally friendly–which means that all of your appliances and building materials have been selected with being energy focused. This results in much lower energy costs for you as the resident–meaning more money in your pocket in the long run!

Vesta Properties has more than 30 years of industry experience and has successfully built more than 4,500 homes in award-winning neighbourhoods throughout Alberta and BC. To view new condos in Langley for sale at Latimer Village, be sure to connect with the sales team at Latimer Village today or visit their Discovery Centre and Condo Showhome at 8242 200 Street, Langley. The Discovery Centre is open and adhering to heightened safety protocols to protect the health of staff and customers.