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Home News Autumn planting brings spring flowers to your Latimer Heights home

Latimer Heights

Autumn planting brings spring flowers to your Latimer Heights home

October 30, 2020


The leaves are falling, the grass is slowing down, and your garden beds have long since wilted. But before you go and hang up your gardening equipment, we need to inform you that now is the best time to plant some bulbs at your Latimer Heights home to get the best blooms come the spring.

Here are our top autumn garden picks for the best spring blooms:

Crocus: The crocus is a beacon of spring, and if you want a garden flower that is bright, and easy to plant–the crocus is it. They are extremely resilient flowers and provide big blooms. They often bloom in early spring. They grow well in full sun or light shade. We recommend you plant them three inches deep, and two to three inches apart.

Spanish Bluebell: You’ll be swept into spring dreams with the beautiful fragrance that the Spanish bluebell provides. These stunning shade-loving flowers bloom during late spring and can readily be divided and replanted in early fall to multiply your yield the following year. Plant them four inches deep, and four inches apart.

Tulips: The tulip epitomizes spring, and their bloom provides perhaps the most rewarding and satisfying surprise. Tulips come in an assortment of shades and different blooms. They grow the best in full sun and should be planted four to six inches apart, and six to eight inches deep. Any deeper than this and you risk sprouting in the late fall which can damage the bulb.

Spider Lily: Now here’s a spring flower that’s more flare than it is delicate. These wispy and long bloomed flowers grow up to two feet tall. As the blooms fade, beautiful foliage will begin to blossom at the base. They do best in full sun which will encourage larger blooms and a more resilient bloom but will manage half sun as well. They should be planted eight inches deep and spaced six to twelve inches apart to prevent root smothering.

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