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Latimer Heights

Get Your Home Fall Ready

August 28, 2020

Fall Home

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. Yeah, we know–you don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. The days will start to get shorter, the weather cooler, and the tawny colours of fall imbue us in its beauty. Now that the temperatures will become more comfortable, it’s a great time to look at the interior of your Latimer Heights to get your house fall ready.

Air Filters

Heat waves and warm weather draws in impurities and all kinds of microbes into your home through the air during the summer months. People often don’t swap out their air filters enough, and now with COVID-19 on the mind, we can’t stress the importance of staying on top of this enough.

Closet clean up

Now’s a great time to move your summer clothes to another part of your closet or pack them away for the season. Invest in vacuum sealed packaging that’ll make it easier to store in one of the generously sized closets in your Latimer Heights home. This is a great opportunity to audit what you need and what you can donate.


Have you checked your window seals recently? Now’s as good a time as ever. While this isn’t an issue newer homes face, it’s always a good idea to investigate the state of your windows both on the interior and exterior to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape. For a little extra pizazz, hire a window washing company or do it yourself!

Clean out waste bins

Ah, the often-forgotten cavern of disgust–waste bins. The only time we think about them are on garbage day which means they can often become gunky and gross over time. With the weather cooling down, it won’t be too insufferable outside to give them a good scrubbing and house down to ensure that they’re clean and ready to go for another season. (And get rid of any lingering scents, too.)

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