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Home News Airdrie: Small-town feel and big-city amenities

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Airdrie: Small-town feel and big-city amenities

October 31, 2022

Take a 30-minute drive north of Calgary, and you’ll reach the charming and thriving city of Airdrie. Growing from a small farming community to Alberta’s sixth largest city, people from across Canada and other countries continue to flock to this vibrant community to work and raise their families. Living in Airdrie offers all the amenities of a large city while keeping its friendly and inviting small-town vibe.

For years, Airdrie was the fastest growing community in Canada. Since the early 1980s, its population has soared from less than 12,000 to almost 82,000. Although it has slowed slightly, Airdrie’s population continues to grow every year at a healthy and consistent pace. This year, the population is expected to grow by 4.2%.

There are many reasons why people find Airdrie to be a good place to live. Aside from the beautiful scenery and abundance of big-city amenities, Airdrie has kept its small-town charm. The congestion and complexities found in most big cities doesn’t exist in Airdrie. People looking for all the conveniences of a city find they can access everything they need and want living in Airdrie.

One of the biggest draws to Airdrie is their affordable housing options. Airdrie’s housing market is one of the lowest in the country. Homebuyers wanting bigger city amenities without the more expensive housing market prices can get a lot more house and yard space for their money in Airdrie. The average price for a home in this beautiful city is under $400,000. Compared to its neighbouring city of Calgary where the average price for a home is $575,000, new housing developments in Airdrie is the better choice for families and professionals.

As the town continues to grow, new housing developments in Airdrie continue to create affordable high-quality houses and condos to meet the city’s ongoing demand. Yet despite the ongoing housing needs of the community, Airdrie’s real estate market is one of the most affordable in the country. While other cities have experienced outrageous spikes in their housing costs, Airdrie’s housing market increases has been more manageable. This year’s projected increase in housing in Airdrie is only 2.5%.

The lower Airdrie housing market prices also attract entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for affordable business and real estate opportunities.

Over 75% of the population of Airdrie is under age 50. Along with its attractive real estate, young families like living in Airdrie because it is a family friendly and safe place to raise their kids. Airdrie is a good place to live because it has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. According to Statistics Canada 2020 report, Airdrie’s crime rate was 19% lower than the national average.

Another reason many young families find Airdrie to be a good place to live is because it has several high-quality schools, extra-curricular options, and sports complexes in the city. Kids living in Airdrie have plenty opportunities to participate in their favourite sport or activity in their own community.

A great feature of living in Airdrie are the beautiful parks and outdoor attractions in and around the city. Residents can find plenty of outdoor activities to do year-round within their own neighbourhoods.

Airdrie is a good place to live because while it has the quiet, relaxed and friendliness of a small town, it also has all the shops, restaurants, entertainment attractions, and other amenities that bigger cities offer. Airdrie residents don’t have to leave their community to meet their essential and personal needs.

While Airdrie may feel like a small town, it is not isolate. This thriving community is only 15 minutes from Calgary’s main airport, so air travel is easily accessible for those living in Airdrie.

Airdrie is a highly popular migration city because it is the best of both worlds. Those wanting to live in a place where they have the relaxed friendliness of a small town, but all the amenities offered in big cities can find everything they’re looking for living in Airdrie.