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Stuck at home? Get organized

April 10, 2020


It goes without saying that this pandemic is giving us a lot of time to catch up on our favourite Netflix series, nap, read and contemplate life while we’re actively doing our part to flatten the curve. While you can’t necessarily go out and about to explore new communities in Airdrie, now is as good a time as ever to get organized and take inventory on what items are currently in the wrong place around your home to help you get organized.


While charitable foundations like Goodwill or Salvation Army aren’t currently accepting donations, you can utilize your time to take stock of what’s kicking around in the master closet of your new homes in Airdrie. Consider organizing your closet by garments and then by colours. If there are things you wish to donate in the future, section an area of your closet for the future. Pick an organizational system you can stick to in the future that won’t make staying tidy a hassle.


Ah, drawers, everyone’s favourite ‘get tidy quick’ solution. With one deft sweep of a palm you can hide just about anything in the bottom of a drawer. Vagrant hair pins, Canadian Tire cash, the evidence of a shopping trip, and the ever-elusive hair elastic. We suggest you tackle this project by a room-to-room basis – you don’t want to feel like a pinball bouncing around because you can’t decide on either your bathroom or the kitchen in your new townhomes in Airdrie. What doesn’t belong should be removed and either rerouted or disposed of. You may be surprised find yourself in the hair elastic surplus and with enough Canadian Tire dollars to buy something worthwhile by the time the parameters around social distancing are lifted.

Laundry Area

Look, before you pause and question why we’re identifying a specific room, hear us out. Laundry rooms are prone to becoming the burial ground of lost miscellaneous items. Old receipts, used dryer sheets, loose change, or our personal favourite – emptied detergent and dry sheet boxes. Take this opportunity to audit all the items that don’t belong here and recycle what you can.


Unless you’re a librarian or really pride yourself on maintaining a bookshelf that is the quintessential example of the Dewey Decimal System, chances are your bookshelves could use a good refreshing. Take the time to ensure that your shelves are free of knickknacks that don’t belong, or any layover items that never made it to their intended home. If you really want to take it up a notch, you could alphabetize or colour code – just make sure it’s something you can sustain long-term.

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