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Latimer Village

Staying Relaxed at Home

April 20, 2020

stay relaxed

COVID-19 seemed like a faraway problem once upon a time. A news bulletin point on the T.V., a headline in a newspaper. Until it was here. Suddenly, we’re using terms like self-isolation and quarantine interchangeably and we’re caught up in the maelstrom that’s brought on by the deluge and influx of news. It doesn’t seem like we can escape the news surrounding the pandemic – so how do we try to stay calm and relaxed while doing our part to flatten the curve?

Here are our tips to staying calm and relaxed while staying home:

Take a hot bath

Enjoy a soak in your tub in your Latimer Village’s brand-new condos in Langley B.C., and let your stress lave away. Add things like bubble bath, bath bombs or bath salts for a spa-retreat. Play some soft music in the background, dim the lights and indulge in a scented candle.

Go for a walk

Cabin fever is a very real and expected side effect that accompanies staying home. When you live in a unique urban village like Latimer Village, it’s easy to practice safe and social distancing while stretching out your limbs. This new condo developments Langley community features fantastic scenic settings that allow you to keep your distance without wandering far from your home.

Do yoga

Your deck makes a great place to stretch your limbs and centre your chakras all from the safety and comfort of your home. If you don’t have a yoga mat on hand, use an old towel that you feel comfortable with spreading out on the ground. If you’re a novice, look up beginner’s yoga videos on YouTube.

Have a nap

Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep at night, it’s your oasis regardless of the time of day. Take advantage of this period of time and indulge in a mid-afternoon cat nap. Naps can add a pep in your step and lower your stress levels. Latimer Village’s brand-new condos in Langley provides residents with bedrooms large enough to accommodate king-sized beds comfortably.


Now is as good a time as ever to finally dive into the books you’ve been collecting over the years but never seemed to get around to reading. Wrap yourself up in your favourite blanket, pour yourself a cup of tea or brew yourself a pot of coffee and spend the afternoon or evening getting lost in another world. Try to read traditional paperbacks or utilize tools like an e-reader where you’re encourage to remain offline – this will limit your exposure to the constant influx of breaking news.

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