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Home News Planting Fall Buds for Spring Delights


Planting Fall Buds for Spring Delights

October 12, 2020


The temperature is cooling off, the sun is setting earlier, you’ve wrapped up your patio furniture–but before you put away your gardening tools, here are a few flower buds you’re going to want to plant in the ground at your Copperstone home in Calgary for a beautiful and delightful surprise come the spring.

Alliums: These are about as low maintenance as flowers get. Alliums are one of the most carefree flowers because they don’t require dividing or any deadheading. Be mindful though, alliums while beautiful, are tall and sprightly, reaching heights of almost four feet. They bloom in the spring and thanks to their minimal care, they’ll look all spring long. They thrive in full sun, so be mindful of where you plant them. It’s best to plant them 4-8” deep and 6-8” apart.

Daffodils: The symbolism of spring, daffodils are resilient and mess-up-proof. Daffodils are not all the same; some are the more traditionally found golden bulbs, where others may be pink, white or long-necked trumpet daffodils (often seen around Easer.) Look for bulbs in large bags as they will provide you more mature blooms much sooner. These beauties tend to bloom first before the rest of your garden reawakens. For maximum bloom time, ensure you plant them in a place where they’ll get full sun. Plant them 3” deep, and 3-6” apart.

Dutch Iris: The great part about the Dutch iris is that whether they’re planted in full sun or in partial shade, they’ll thrive. The best time to get them into the ground is before first hard freeze, and they should be planted about 4-6” deep–but be sure to keep them 3” apart so they don’t crowd and suffocate each other’s roots. These plants will bloom again year after year.

Hyacinth: You’ll love the incredible perfume that permeates from the hyacinth. These incredible flowers add the perfect spring touch to your garden thanks to the brilliant shades of lavender, pink and magenta. Plant them 7-8” deep in mixed soil and with these ones, you’ll want to incorporate plenty of plant matter. Avoid pruning their stems once the flowers fade; the stems store energy for the following year. They do best in full sun but will fare well in the light shade or with a half-days’ worth, too.

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