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Home News How To Get The Most Out Of Customizing Your New Home In SE Calgary


How To Get The Most Out Of Customizing Your New Home In SE Calgary

July 6, 2022

Long gone are the days where developers could get by offering a limited number of floor plans and few options to pick flooring, paint colours, and kitchen cabinets. Today’s modern custom home builder offers such an abundance of choice in layouts and finishes that the exciting job of personalizing your new home can seem overwhelming. Those looking at new homes in Calgary from a Calgary custom home builder should understand that some of the extra “touches” that you might add to your home may not be that desirable to future purchasers. Are you wondering, How do I personalize my new construction home and what common mistakes should I avoid when I customize my new home in Calgary? Let’s take a look.


Traditional vs Open Concept

The recent trend towards open concept living had its merits tested with many people needing to work from home while also having to accommodate children’s online schooling schedules, the pandemic revealed the open concept home’s weaknesses. The trend away from complete open concept had already begun pre 2020 with many people looking for home office solutions that were not just afterthoughts tucked into some corner of the basement but well designed with windows on the main floor of the house. Even in houses with proper home offices, the pandemic revealed the need for even more enclosed space as multiple adults needed to work in the same home while children attended online school. The open concept home is here to stay and a rush to divide the home up is not the answer but there are a number of solutions, like retractable barn doors, that can provide the quiet spaces for independent work while maintaining that open expansive floor plan that is the standard of today’s modern custom home builder.

In Home Gyms

Much like the home office the gym has been saved from obscurity and has moved from the basement to a more befitting place above grade in most new custom homes in Calgary. Once again it was the pandemic that highlighted the need for a better work out solution when restrictions saw the commercial gyms and studios shuttered. The average Calgary custom home builder has seen an increased emphasis on home gyms and this is quickly becoming a must have in any new home in Calgary. Even if a home gym is of no interest to you personally you may want to consider setting aside some space and some thought to include this, soon to be, must have item.


Outdoor Kitchens/Living Spaces

Outdoor kitchens are on modern custom home builders‘ radar as the demand for home entertainment solutions has skyrocketed after so many people were housebound due to restrictions. Past trends saw the home theatre replace going out to the movies, present trends see people entertaining in their well ventilated back patios and relaxing with family and friends on super comfortable outdoor living room sets. A projector streams the latest movies while the BBQ provides the snacks and the wind carries away any airborne particulates that were not invited. Make your patio the hot place to be this summer.

The pandemic revealed that we may require more of our homes than we ever expected and a multifunctional approach to home design and customization is the future. Many of the activities we primarily use to do outside of the home have found a new found prominence in the home. Working from home, entertaining in the home, working out at home have become the norm for many people and will only increase as technology improves. To get the most out of customizing your new home, a new way of thinking has emerged that sees the home as a multi use, multi generational hub for all aspects of life and new custom built homes in Calgary will need to reflect this new reality.