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Get Winter Ready in Airdrie

December 11, 2020


The Farmer’s Almanac has spoken–we’re in for a snowier, colder, and winterier winter season (see what we did there?) in Canada. And while you’ll be safe and bundled up inside of Southpoint home, shielded by the blustery winds of beautiful Alberta–there are some must do items to tackle to get your Southpoint home in Airdrie winter ready!

Turn off exterior pipes: Believe it or not, a lot of people tend to forget to turn off their exterior water valves from the inside of their home. If you forget to do this, there’s a chance that your pipes will freeze, and you’ll be dealing with a mess. If water is trapped in the exterior pipes, it can cause freezing and cracking.

Filters: With air purification on the brain more often this year, it’s important that you start the season off with a brand-new furnace filter. During the current circumstances of the year, we recommend swapping your filter out a little more frequently. While the general rule of thumb is every 3 months for filters that are up to two inches thick, we recommend considering every two months.

Get your garage organized: We know. No one ever plans for their garage to look like organized chaos, the mess just sort of creeps in…and takes over. Before that cold sets in, take the time to get an assessment on how you’re utilizing (or not) your garage space. Can you easily access all of your tools or snow removal items? Can you get to your car without having to do a side shuffle? If not, now’s the time to get to it.

Check your window seals: The incredible part about buying a brand-new home is that you’re not dealing with windows and doors that have seen some things over the years. New windows or not, you should still check for any leaks or gaps that might be allowing any cold air in (and racking up your heating bill.) It’s an easy fix if something’s amiss!

If you’re not a Southpoint homeowner yet, now is the time to claim your home in this new Airdrie development and enjoy everything that Southpoint and Airdrie has to offer! Southpoint is a welcoming community with fabulous park spaces, a new elementary school, close to shopping, and has easy access to downtown Calgary. To learn more about new homes in Airdire for sale, connect with the Vesta Properties team in Southpoint today. The Sales Centre is adhering to heightened safety protocols to protect the health of staff and customers.