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Designing A Grow With Me Children’s Room

May 27, 2019

When planning the decor of a new house, decorating a child’s room can be very exciting for parents. We want nothing but the best, and often the heaviest themed rooms, for our adored little ones. Homeowners often don’t realize how their child’s personal style is going to develop as they get older however, and completely uprooting the decor of a room every handful of years isn’t easy or economical. We have you covered with some decor advice to keep both you and your child happy for years to come. Picking initial decor for a large age range is essential to planning a “Grow With Me” room. It needs to be consistent, comfortable, and approachable while making subtle style upgrades over the years. Below we explore tips and tricks for designing a room that grows with your child. You can see some of these decor ideas in action by visiting our Copperstone Townhome showhomes, staged by the wonderful team at SmithErickson Designs.


Stay Neutral

Neutral colours are key to creating a blank canvas for you and your child to personalize the area. Leaning towards a minimalist look with base colours and classic fixtures allows the room to be customized on the surface, while keeping the room itself consistent. The neutral colours allows the room to look coordinated, with the added benefit of being soothing to your child after a busy day. Neutral colours can follow a child into maturity without the need to start the decor process from scratch.


All About Accessories

Accessories can completely transform a space, adding excitement or achieving desired character. With a neutral setting, younger children may prefer to have more colour in their room. This is perfect in order to showcase their proudest possessions or favourite artwork. Statement pieces such as string lights, bright pillows, or patterned bedding is a great way to add an imaginative vibe to a room without doing an absolute overhaul on an area. Wall art is also a way to freshen up a room without permanently painting the walls, and can be switched out smoothly to add a level of sophistication as your child matures. Accessories can make a simple space into your child’s own personal retreat in a snap, creating an inviting area for them to grow up in.


Embrace Your Space

As your child ages, their spatial needs changes. Newborn rooms are usually filled up with big furniture like a change table, a rocking chair, and a crib. As they grow they may want a sprawling floor space to play with their toys, where teenagers may want more seating to entertain friends or relax. A solution to meeting the needs of these situations is utilizing practical storage options, like multi-function furniture. A crib that converts up to a bed can help plan the layout of the space ahead of time. As they upgrade, consider a bed with built in storage, which is great for increasing floor area for playtime or adding extra desired furniture. Storage benches for the foot of a bed are also a great way to add seating but also tuck away toys or laundry. Embracing multi-function furniture, and furniture that adapts as your child ages, is key to building a grow with me style bedroom. Planning the space ahead of time ensures that your child has a room that they’ll enjoy growing up in and spending time in for years to come.

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